The Best Arctic Air Refrigerator Review

Why make an Arctic Air Refrigerator your preliminary and only option for a commercial refrigerator? The solution to that is quite simple. There are several different commercial designs to choose from when it looking at the Arctic Air Refrigerator Line. These commercial grade high-performance refrigerators are regularly being changed and enhanced to make them more efficient and durable for commercial clients. Arctic Air is a United States-based company and subsidiary of Brioch Enterprises, Inc. Through the years, there have been huge enhancements to their service life along with power usage. The majority of their products are energy star efficient. Any kind of Arctic Air Refrigerator design you decide on will have a stainless-steel exterior that indicates you’ll have both an eye-catching and also budget-friendly tool in your food preparation location. In addition the stainless resists stains and is easily cleaned.
In order to ensure the dependability of the performance of an Arctic Air Refrigerator to the standards of the food service industry, Arctic Air carries out a variety of quality controls every sku they produce. Each refrigerator goes through a premium assessment and a minimum of 13 hours running time prior to it being loaded up and delivered to the consumer. This ensures a reliable and efficient product that allows the consumers to buy with confidence.
In 2012, Arctic Air changed the design of its refrigeration line as well as updated its product look and feel. They changed the white painted exterior of fridges with high grade stainless steel to improve their looks. In addition to it they considerably enhanced the operation and effectiveness of their items to adhere to the requirements of the food services industry. For that reason the fridges made by Arctic Air since 2012 have able to offer a modern look in addition to stability, easy upkeep as well as better serviceability.
The quality and cost effective nature of Arctic Air refrigerators have proven to be well received by consumers. The company has seen explosive growth since 1994. The business focused on producing low-cost quality refrigerators as a choice to the normal industrial fridges in the marketplace. Given that 1995 Arctic Air has in fact built a solid performance history for generating a choice to the more expensive commercial refrigeration appliances made.
Arctic Air supports their guarantee to give quality refrigerators with a 1 year service warranty on parts and labor, in addition to a 5 year service warranty on compressors from the date of purchase. The Arctic Air refrigerator models that fall under this warranty include: AF23, AR23, AF49, AR49, AUC27F, AUC27R, AUC48F, AUC48R, AST48R, AST28R, APP71R along with APP48R.
When you obtain your Arctic Air Freezer Arctic Air Refrigerator, make sure to keep the identification number as well as the instructions. One more piece of advice is to scan a copy of the receipt. If there are any warranty issues you will have quick access to the paperwork you will need. In the event you have any type of concerns whatsoever, which is not likely, you’ll require the information to make a service call to their toll free number. As soon as you put in a service call, if it is needed, the company representative will certainly find an authorized a repair firm nearby as well as make plans to ship the parts if needed to fix your refrigerator in a timely way.
These are simply a few of the reasons why you need to investigate an Arctic Air Refrigerator for your commercial needs.

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