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What is PartyLink?

PartyLink is your personal link to the local party. A powerful new social media tool that allows users to connect with other users in their area—but that’s not all. PartyLink works by finding the hottest spot of the night, based on locations that other users are planning to attend, and points you to the party as soon as you log in!

PartyLink has a ton of cool features to help you find your perfect plans, such as:

  • Events. Stay in the loop and never miss a beat with our News and Events features— we may show you what you missed, but we’ll make damn sure you never miss it again!
  • Social Media. Connect the PartyLink App with your Social Media accounts and invite your friends to the party!
  • Friends. Find your friends on PartyLink and never miss another epic night out. As soon as 3 or more of your friends are in the same location, you’ll be the first to know!
  • Music. Ever hear a live band or DJ that you absolutely loved, but never ended up catching their name? PartyLink has a feature that allows you to easily find and follow your favorite local musicians, or find new stuff to listen to!
  • Specials. PartyLink participates in all kinds of local specials and events, but we also offer some of our own. Every night we choose a few users at random and give them a free $1 drink pass at the hottest spot in their area—just show your onscreen coupon!

With last minutes and lost evenings at the tip of your finger, PartyLink will quickly become your go-to network for all things fun. Don’t miss the party!

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