Making Next Level Hamburgers With a Commercial Hamburger Press

Hamburgers are a staple of modern day meals everywhere from the United States right across the globe. As a matter of fact, they have become a staple of modern culture right alongside Chinese food and takeaway pizza. As much as they are loved, the process of preparing burger patties for cooking can be tiring, cumbersome, and downright tedious. This is where the Commercial Hamburger Press comes into the picture. For anyone looking for the perfect solution to the burger making process, My Burger Daddy has created one of the best Hamburger Makers in the market. Their product called the My Burger Daddy 1105 Hamburger Press 5’, is seeking to change the process and make it much faster and easier.


This Commercial Hamburger Press has an anodized aluminum body and is manually operated through a lever with a plastic handle. It produces 5 inch patties. It has a press bowl and ejector and comes with an inclusive supply of one thousand patty paper divider sheets. It has dimensions of twelve by ten by eighteen inches and weighs twenty one pounds. Upon purchase, you get a one year warranty for replacement should any defects occur in the product purchased. It is capable of producing burger patties of up to half a pound.

Benefits of using a Commercial Hamburger Maker

The question many people are asking themselves is why they would want to invest some money in purchasing this product. Here are five good reasons why.

1. Faster production of quality burger patties

A quality burger patty is well pressed and held together. The best way to ensure a quality burger is to use the Best Commercial Meat Grinder. It should not fall apart when pressed on the grill and should have a round design that melds well with the buns that are used to make the hamburger. Producing such patties by hand is a time consuming and tiring process that expends a lot of energy. However, with this Hamburger Maker you can make quality burger patties very quickly. Some consumers have been able to increase their production of quality burger patties to a rate of more than a hundred an hour. This is ideal for anyone running a restaurant.

2. Sanitary burger patty preparation

Anyone working in the food industry understands the need for rigorously hygienic and sanitary conditions in the preparation of food. Protein sources such as meat must be handled very carefully to prevent infections and diseases from spreading. By using a Commercial Hamburger Maker you reduce the amount of hand contact the meat gets. This enables for a more sanitary preparation process and ensures that health and food safety standards are met. This is important for any commercial operation to succeed.

3. Easy to clean design

The anodized aluminum design ensures that the commercial patty maker is quite easy to clean after use. Keep in mind that restaurants operate for long hours and finding a moment to clean a complicated mechanism can be hard. However, the design and construction of this patty maker simplifies the process ensuring that it can be easily cleaned with every few hours of use. Furthermore, the anodized aluminum design not only ensures that fewer particles stick to the surface but also makes it easy to sterilize the burger maker.

4. Strong design for commercial needs

This Commercial Hamburger Maker uses stainless steel construction ensuring a strong and durable product unlike the Eurodib HF-130. This makes it suitable for even the busiest of restaurants where it would be put to use for long hours on end. Furthermore, the one year replacement warranty ensures that the restaurant owner who invests in it is assured that he or she will get a good return on the investment. Quick replacement also ensures that in the unlikely event of a breakdown or defect, the restaurant will not have to halt its operations for a long time which would cause revenue loss.

5. Easy to use

Making a burger patty with this burger maker is as simple as placing the raw meat ball in the holder and pressing down on the lever. This makes it easy to use for any restaurant employee and reduces the need and costs for training employees to operate it. This makes it a cost saving and revenue increasing addition to the operations of a restaurant.


Anyone interested in running or currently running a restaurant should invest in one of these. This product is also suitable for people who regularly host barbecues and cookouts.

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