Best Value Commercial Meat Grinder Review

When looking for the best value Commercial Meat Grinder on the market, there are a few things to look at. Grinding meat on your own guarantees that the meat you create is fresh, the right size grind, and contains no fillers. Meat grinders generally accomplish the same feature which is grinding large primal cuts into finer homogenous ground meat. Nevertheless, there are different kinds of grinders making it tough to distinguish one meat grinder from another.
There are in addition various brand names with similar attributes making and selecting one takes a few minutes. For this reason, one needs to know the features they are looking for in a grinder. A commercial meat grinder is going to last years, so spending the time to evaluate your options pays off for years to come.
The following is a list of features to consider before you spend $400 to $800 on a commercial Grade Meat Grinder:
The most common Commercial Grade Meat Grinders come in 2 sizes. The #12 meat grinders can grind up to 250 lbs. of meat per hour, and the larger and more powerful #22 grinders can grind up to 550 lbs. of meat an hour. Keep in mind the lbs. per hour are on single grind rates, and most people are going to run meat through the grinder twice.
The quantity of ground meat needed
The best #12 Commercial Meat Grinder is 1HP, and the best #22 grinder is 1.5 HP. If grinding a large amount of meat or if you need to use the grinder on a daily basis the #22 grinder will serve you better. In addition, if you intend to grind large size chunks of meat, then acquire the larger grinder. # 12 mills are suggested for industrial usage, but on a smaller scale.
Just before shopping, establish the features you desire in a meat grinder and also the sort of grinder you require then think of the amount you’re going to invest in the tool. This will keep you focused while you are shopping. Some of the best prices can be found online, and at specialty meat grinding shops.
Apart from finding a meat grinder for sale, meat grinders are used to make pet foods. Dog food is especially common. Not only beef gets used, but the bones are ground up as well. Sausage and hamburgers are probably the most common foods people think of needing a commercial meat grinder. Hunters find the #12 meat grinders especially useful with the various sausage stuffer attachments available. Electric Grinders and other various mills can be used to make pasta. There are a number of grinders that have attachments for cubing and tenderizing meat

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