BlogCounter is a free hit counter stats web analytics tool.
Easily find out how many people visit your blog or website. How they found your
site? What country they are from and much, much more. Here’s what the
BlogCounter web analytics stats look like:

Add a simple code to your site and instantly be tracked.

Here are the main BlogCounter Web Analytics Stats

  • Displays the statistics in real-time (auto update)
  • Top Pages (Shows the most visited pages)
  • Top Browsers (Show what browser uses the visitors)
  • Top Country’s (Show from where the visitors come) (Chart
  • Top Operating System (Show the visitors operating
  • Top Best referrers (Show which websites are the best
  • Top used resolution (Show’s the resolution of the
    visitors – e.g. 1280×800)
  • Top Search engines
  • The latest 10 visitors (or more) (This mod is based on
    Mark’s mode but with the ip’s and country’s included in the database for
    speed, and another ip render).
  • The best keywords (Show which keyword are the most used
    by the visitors that land on your website)
  • Traffic type comparisons: Compares different type of
    traffic which was delivered to the website.
  • Traffic comparisons: Displays comparisons charts and % of
    the traffic.
  • Graphs and charts on every statistic page.

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