What is a Blog? How do I Create a Blog?

Blogging is the short form of web logging and is the process of expressing one’s own thought, opinions, experiences ideas and any other information that the web logger, also referred to as a blogger deems important. There are thousands of blogs available on the internet, each talking about a particular topic as selected by the blog author.

Blogging has become very popular across the world. It has become a media for individuals and organizations to get their message out and provide an alternative source of information to readers that is different from what main stream media offers. Many non-government organizations as well as human rights campaigners and civil society organizations have been able to get out their messages of freedom, hope, struggle and even change. The results have been amazing.

Many millions of readers around the world log onto blogs to read interesting and inspirational stories, news and messages. These bloggers become opinion makers and leaders in society simply by freely expressing their opinions and telling their stories. Its not just activists and reporters that get to write on blogs. Practically all topics can be written on web logs.

It is easy to learn how to create a blog. A blog has to be on a website. However, the blogger does not necessarily need to own the website though this is an option open to them. Creating a website dedicated to blogging can be easily managed by web designers. The blogger may issue guidelines in regards to how they want their website to be designed. Those that choose not to have their own websites can choose to write on public blogging sites. There is a large number of these websites. One of these is wordpress. Another example is blog spot, google’s blogging platform. There are numerous others. The easiest and best approach is to join one of the more popular sites such as those named above.

Once a blog has been established, it can be registered under a certain category. It could be a travel blog, healthy eating, weight loss or whatever other category that the blogger wishes. Once registered, the blogger simply needs to begin blogging and write all about what they desire. Photos and images should also be included in the blog to attract more readers. Blogs can also make money through advertising. Other blogs pay writers to submit articles. Make sure to add a third party counter from blogcounter.com to make sure you can figure out where you are getting visitors from and to insure that your blog gets regularly crawled by search eninges. Blogging not only offers bloggers a forum to express their views but to also get viewers from across the globe and also make some money.

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